Zacualpan, Guerrero an Amusgo town with a strong textile tradition. A group of women have formed a textile collective using there incredible talents to try to move out of poverty.Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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Coyuche cotton is a natural colored cotton grown in the region and used for a traditional huipil seldom seen being worn in town now. The hand spun threads are thicker and the material is coarse compared to the commercial threads often used. It was encouraging to se the thread being prepared, there are two Coyuche huipils in the collection the one pictured here is all white brocade. The red huipil here on the lower right was purchased at the Igualapa fair from an artisan from Zacualpan. On the lower right there is a picture from Edith grocery store and it shows a great deal about the day-to-day dress in Zacualpan.