The videos presented on this page will be delivered by You will be directed away from and can return using the back arrows.The object of these videos is to give the viewer a sense of the traditions that are related to the textiles. The festivals are both Catholic and traditional beliefs. In general I do not add voice over , maybe some subtitles,I do this because I do not want to interpret the events but rather give the viewer a "feel for the momment.

Carnival Dance in Coapantla Hidalgo a nahua village Festival in Igualapa Guerrero - unique pre hispanic instument
Festival in Zitala, Guerrero - many different types of dances Back strap belt weaver in Xaltpec Puebla , hear Nahua (Aztec) spoken
Mayo Easter week celebration in Jupare Sonoroa- over 400 participants Mixe dance of Reconciliation - Tamazulapan Oaxaca
Viejitos Dancer - Purepecha of Michoacan Purepecha Song song in Aunguan Michoacan
Mixe spoken - some words in Mixe from Tamazulapan Mixe, Oaxaca 7/2004 Mexico Indigenous Language - Chatino of Oaxaca
Zaucualpan Guerero Textile Collective at work , weaving, beading, embroidering etc Nahua belt weaver in Tequila , Vera Cruz
Day of the Dead, the Cemetery Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico, the Purepecha peoples Amusgo woman brocading on backstrap loom in Guadalupe Victoria
Otomi language from San Pablito Pahuatlan , Puebla