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Totonaca of Veracruz
Cuahuitlan (1)
Mecatlan (1)
Filomina Mata (1)
Palantla (8)
Coxqihui (4)
Coyutla (4)
Cumbre Tajin

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Many Totonacs make their living as peasant farmers raising corn, beans, and chiles, as well as coffee, sugar cane, citrus fruits, bananas, and vanilla. Horticulture is supplemented by keeping cattle and other livestock, as well as raising turkeys and chickens, and by fishing in the region's many rivers and streams. Some families also earn money through craft production. Local artisans make figures from vanilla vines; weave palm leaves into hats, baskets, and sandals; produce traditional clothing; make pottery; and carve musical instruments and other items from local tropical woods. The Papantla area is home to large cattle ranches, citrus plantations, and also oil and gas production facilities, which provide income from, wage labor to local residents. In addition, some Totonac families have members working in the U.S. or the large urban areas of Veracruz State or in Mexico City.