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Tepehuanos de Huajicori , Nayarit
Tepehuanos of Mezquital , Durango
Info de municipality de Huajicori, Nararit
Info de municipality de Mezquital , Durango

The municipality of Huajicori Nayarit is located in the north eastern part of the state, it is the most northern of all the municipalities in Nayarit. The municipality has three ethnic groups , the Tepehuanos, Cora and Mexicanoeros, the Tepehuanos are by far the most populous. The adjacent state of Durango is home to the majority of the southern Tepehuanos.

The municipality has few paved raods, the principal road being the road from Acaponeta to the municipal capital of also known as Huajicori.

After a visit to the local government official , who gave us the names of the different indigenous authorities , the governor is located in the northern most town San Andres Milpillas, he is an indigenous authority and should not be confused with political authority.

On this trip I was accompanied by Kristie Thompson a long time friend, the road to San Andres Milpillas is in gross need of repair ( 2/08) it is primarily a lumber road with deep ruts and various areas of erosion and landslide. We received a number of long looks as my little tricked out Nissan Sentra made the climb up the long steep road . We were stopped by truck load of local police and advised not to continue. The car has a steel plate under it and is raised 2 inches but was not prepared for the conditions we found on this road. I was able to skirt most of the serious ruts and rocks but in the end we tore off a side molding and punctured the oil pan. More about this latter.

The Sierra is between 4 and 6 thousand feet and is mostly covered in Pine forest with a mix of oaks and other large trees. After three hours we made it down into a long Valley and a village called Aceredero, I drove directly into a compound and noticed that oil was leaking out of the pan . MMM so we had torn the steel shield off the bottom and we were now stuck in the back woods of Huajicori, Nayarit. As luck would have it, this exact house was the home of the only mechanic with in 30 miles.

With great patience he removed the oil pan and with a ball bean hammer tapped for hours streching the metal until the hole was close. However there was no oil in the village so we got a ride into San Andres 10 kilometers down the road to buy oil.