Chapultepec Grande is a small village on the outskirts of the Tequila municipality. Traditional dress is in limited use here, a short sleeve lace blouse, black wrap skirt, the striped back strap woven belt and reboso .Robert Freund 11/4/2007
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Chapultepec is on the outside border of Tequila right next to the municipality of Magdalena. The road here is what is called " long way" this is because there is a short cut to Magdalena which has just been built and improved. The town is small and there is a government housing project which is near abandoned out the outskirts of the town.

The traditional clothing worn in Tequila has a couple of different styles; here we see the short sleeved blouse with a lace top. This colored material can vary depending on the choice of the individual. The back strap woven stripped belt is almost always worn and is a clear symbol of Tequila. The Zona Fria (cold zone) black wrap skirt and reboso are the same in most of the zona fria region of the Sierra Zongolica.