Xolotla, Pahuatlan , Puebla, Mexico is a small coffee growing community . Traditional dress is a hand embroidered blouse, black wrap skirt, hand woven belt and a quechquemitl (cape). On a recent visit I saw many older women wearing the traditional dress. Bob Freund 2/8/2007
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I have past through Xolotla a number of time but never stopped. These past few trips I spent some time walking around and was introduced to a number of women hat wear traditional embroidered blouses, back strap woven belts, black wrap skirts and a quechquemitl. I have noticed a change in the quechquemitl since my first trips though here in the early 1990s, there are only a small number of back strap woven quechquemitls left and most are knit or of store bought material with a machine embroidered trim.
Sometime you just get lucky and on my return trip in the beginning of Feb 2007 to deliver the pictures to Danele Reina Reys , there was a crew of women sweeping the streets of the town. This is a custom in many villages , where the women come out and litteraly sweep the street to keep the village clean. As I drove up there were no less than 25 women all wearing embroidered blouse.
Xolotla is a coffee growing town and on the way in are signs that Nestle is working to develop the coffee crop. The town is recently paved and the school and church are clean and painted. As you drive out of the town on the dirt road in the direction of Santa Anna Acaxochitlan the views as you rise above the town of the entire northern part of the Sierra Norte is most impressive. There is a panoramic photo taken from above the town as a separate item in the Nahua of Pahuatlan gallery.