Aguacuatla - Is a remote village located in the municipality of Mixtla . The costume here has evolved , the blouse lace down the front, dress is sold colors, a ikat black reboso. The road into this town was very difficult.
Robert Freund 10/31/2007
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The women pictured here is from this small hamlet. We were able to get close but road conditions prevented us from entering the village. It is located in a remote region of the Mixtla municipality at the end of the rock and dirt road. Beyond is the Sierra Negra of Puebla and behind it is Opocingo, Tehuapango, Veracruz. The canyons and High Mountain panoramic scenery is majestic.

The stylized dress is typical of the Nahua of Mixtla. The traditional costume is a simple cotton blouse with pleats and a single colored skirt, only a few elderly woman still wear the black wrap skirt and woven belt.

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The author- Bob Freund