Chapultepec Chico, Magdalena, Veracruz, Mexico is located on the outskirts of the municipality. The costume here is a black wrap skirt, solid colored sash of commercial material, lace trimmed blouse and a black ikat reboso. Robert Freund10/31/2007
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Chapultepec Chico, Magdalena, Veracruz, Mexico – This small Nahua speaking town is located on the outskirts of the Magdalena Municipality. We approached it after documenting the villages of the Tequila municipality. The most immediate observation that can be made is the roads are all paved in the municipality.

I may repeat myself a few time as this is an outstanding accomplishment for an indigenous community. As is often the case the cloths line is my friend, why, because on it were drying the traditional black wrap skirt. When we approached the home the woman ducked into the house and it took a while to coax her out. She was worried that her husband had not given her permission to be photographed. After a while she agreed to participate.

These blouses contrast so greatly with the surroundings that they are hard to photograph and often burn out. It takes a lot of adjustments to get the shot so that every thing is in balance. What makes this difficult it the timing is often very difficult and the shots need to be taken right away.

This lace trimmed blouse is distinct in Magdalena because of the pleating around the lace. The hand woven belt traditional in other areas is no longer worn here, instead a long piece of store bought material, usually purple, red or blue is worn around the waist.