Ejido de Atlanca , Los Reyes, Veracruz, Mexico– Is a very small community across the canyon from Atlanca. The costume is similar to Atlanca.
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October 2007

The almost constant fog over Los Reyes
Feb 2006
Ejidos of Atlanca - On my first trip, I photographed these two women in the town of Los Reyes. They were on their way to a meeting of the social program called Opportunities. Given the limited Spanish-speaking capabilities and my almost completely no abilities to speak in Nahuatl I mistook them for people from los Reyes. It turns out they are from what is called Ejidos of Atlanca. When I return to this should be the pictures the younger woman in these pictures was not there but her mother who is the older of the two shown in this gallery received the pictures and gave me two ears of corn. I could understand her when she said thank you to me as it is one of the few words that I do understand in Nahuatl.

Just a note here about the Opportunities program in Mexico, there has been a great reduction in the number of people that live below the extreme poverty level in Mexico due to this program. Unfortunately this program does not create work for people or means to exist in their current environment. However it does help with food, electricity, and social training.