Acatitla,Astacinga is a traditional Nahua village located in the Sierra Zongolica of Veracruz, near the Puebla border. Traditional dress is a blouse with a large lace collar, black wrap skirt, solid colored sash and reboso. Also a old style wrap skirt. Robert Freund11/9/2007
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It never fails that at a critical moment the most important piece of equipment fail. After finally getting to Acatitila and with the assistance of a town elder we met this women wearing a now extinct skirt. This skirt was worn in the entire region 25 years ago but I have only been able to find a few pictures of the skirt. Then suddenly in front of me there she was... so I pick up my camera to shoot and nothing... the lens gets stuck in the halfway position. PANIC!!!!!! After I changed batteries, digital card I finally forced the zoom to retract. The first time it extended after this I was able to take 1 shot, so here you have it... the last known stripped wool wrap skirt in the Sierra Zongolica. There are a few around for ceremonial and fiestas but not in daily use.