Ocotlan is a traditional town located 36 kilometers from Oaxaca City on the road to the costal town of Puerto Angel. The town has a giant market on Friday that is worth the trip. They make fine embroidered blouses and dresses, knives, table cloths, traditional belts called senderos, clay figures, bamboo baskets and other handicrafts. The towns of Santa Thomas Jalieza a belt weaving town and San Martin Tilcajete where they make hand painted wood carvings are both located in the district.

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A typical over blouse white on white of synthetic material.
Panoramic view of agricultural lands around Ocotlan. De-forestation has caused the water table to drop significantly
A short sleeve version on the Yalalag men's shirt embroidered in silk thread.
During New Years there is a fiesta to the Christ child , the young men go to the mountains are return with pine trees and have a procession around the village.