The hand embroidered textiles are presented in this gallery are just a sample of the types of products available from the Otomi textile collectives in the Tenango Region. These are intended to assist the buyer in deciding what types and size of product they need and to give dimensions to the pieces , some of the products , coaster, place mats, wall hangings, table runners, bedspreads, table cloths, couch throws. .
The Textile collectives and other independent embroidery groups have over time won world wide recognition for these incredibly beautiful embroideries.

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Tapetitios ( mats) This wonderful mats are great for wall mounting, in a window with sunlight behind then or as place mats. The are hand embroidered as come in a variety of color. They can be combines with the table runners for a wonderfully colorful table setting.
These items will vary slightly in size and finish17x14in /34x42cm
Table runner, wall and door hangings -
Top runner 18x 72 /46x190 cm
Tottom runner 9x72 / 23x190cm
Bags are a new inovation in the villages. People are constantly looking for new ways to adopt the embroidery.

They are around 15x 14 inches, the third example is larges, they all sport straps from the same mulin the bags are made from. In the center is a custom design. Logos and special embroidery patterns are an easy to do.

Coaster / patches
4x5" / 10x12 cm
Multi color
Single color
These bedspreads of table clothes are called 2x2 meters , they are in that size range. They cover a queen bed
2x2 spread shown here on a queen bed, three different designs, they come in solid color s also. Custom order take about three months to deliver.
1x 1 embroidery piece - 29x36 inches /75 x92cm .Small table cover, Wall mount art, couch or chair throws.
Table cloths can come in any number of different pattersn and styles.